House Concert Performances

This video is from Dave Erickson’s House Concert. (see review below)

Medicinal Purposes is available for House Concerts. These venues are intimate and lively, and often interactive. (Bring your instruments and let’s jam after the show).  Usually donation driven, they are community spirited events where friends and acquaintances come together, bring  a potluck dish to pass and get to meet the performers up close and personal. Mp Car Instruments close

David Erickson to Scott Guthrie

November 5 at 10:11am ·

Had a GREAT time hosting Medicinal Purposes at our home with friends last night. Scott and Pearl are the real deal….this is organic, raw music from the soul! If you don’t enjoy yourself listening to their beautiful, flawless harmonies and tasty skilled string picking, you’ve got something wrong with you. Everyone left our home saying “the(y) we’re great!” 5-stars! -Dave Erickson, Sparta, WI

House concerts are actually quite easy to host. If you are interested and have never hosted one before, contact us and we will help you organize one. There are many ways to make sure your event is simple, stress free and successful (meaning it doesn’t wind up costing you out of pocket).

This could be your living room
This could be your living room

While many house concerts include hosting the performers, especially if they are from out of the area, it is not always a requirement. You will want to make sure you have space for the performance, enough seating space (they may have to bring their own folding chairs) and enough guests to make the show viable. (More people = more food = more donations = better time for all).

For Medicinal Purposes, we look for a minimum of 25 people to donate $15 if we are already in the area. A larger group is better of course, but that would get you a show. And we like to put on a good show. antique archaeology

Contact us at 815-291-4497 for details. Or email us at