Mp In A Nutshell


Medicinal Purposes is a genre-defying duo based out of the Dubuque, Iowa – Galena, Illinois area. Our style incorporates blues, country, rock, folk and lots of fun. It’s dance music, it’s listening music and it’s “grab your instrument and join us”music. Veteran performers Scott Kerry Guthrie and Cowgirl Pearl Breitbach perform covers and originals in a lively manner that is sure to entertain people of all ages. We have played hundreds of shows in our first year together and we look forward to many more.

Here is a link to a video of our song “If You Notice Someone Missing (It’s Just Me)” we recorded ourselves for NPR’s tiny Desk Contest:

We cover some songs by other writers and performers such as “455 Rocket” and “Miss Ohio” by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, “Mercury Blues” by KC and Robert Geddens, “Walking In Memphis” by Mark Cohn, etc. More importantly, we have written some excellent songs that are often asked for by our fans. We are in studio now recording these tunes, which include “This Cowgirl Ain’t For You”, “Just Like Coming Home”, “Badazz”, “Two Trains (Passing In The Night)”, “We Survived Nashville” and more.

antique archaeology

We got invited to play at Antique Archaeology in Nashville during a recent visit, we have been given an opportunity to host a small festival at Council Hill Station outside of Galena, IL and we have been asked to return to every venue we have ever played; I consider that a good sign. We look forward to coming to a town near you. see our Calendar Page for details of what is coming next.


Scott Guthrie, Pearl, and Scott Rische…
We will have them back for sure!
— at Bobbers Tap.MP + Scott Rische at bobbers

The stage was a pontoon boat, The venue was a huge deck shaped like the deck of an old wooden sailing ship. Very clever setup!

Scott Guthrie & Pearl – Medicinal Purposes!!!
VERY good show!” Bobber’s Tap

MP at bobbers2