Your wedding is one of the most memorable events of your lifetime. Your story is the focal point of this day. Your love, your faith, your trust in one another; they all come together on this day as you forge a lifetime bond with one another.

Most couples have a song that they consider “their” song. A song that captures for them a special moment. But what if you had an actual song that was “yours”? What if someone could take your story of love and put it to beautiful original music and play it for you at your wedding? We offer this special service and we enjoy using your inspirational story of love and magic to weave a song that is beautiful, unique and yours to treasure for always.

Each song comes with a set of lyrics written in a calligraphy style on linen paper and framed, along with a CD of the recorded song.  Medicinal Purposes is also available to perform these songs in person live at your ceremony and reception. We can also “bring the band” and provide live dance music for you at your reception. Since every love story and every situation is unique, we quote these on an individual basis.

Here is a sample of a love song we wrote and recorded. Yours can be just as beautiful.